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  • Be cool.

    500x500_72pix_inch_rgb_ALZADO CORTOBe cool, be fresh. (Gyrarchitects+CalconsaXXI+JG Engineers)

    The design of Taichung City Cultural Center is based on an important heritage of Taiwanese culture, the landscape.

    The natural elements of the landscape are conceived as the most ecological and sustainable concept.

    Is there anything more sustainable than a mountain? Anything more ecological than a cloud?

    When we put both together, mountain and cloud, a big union, eco-sustainable, is formed. The cloud will collect rain water for mountain green roof-top irrigation. It is the essence of ecology and self-sufficiency.

    Mountain and cloud, or museum and library. Two united elements, two programs, but one landscape, an eco-cultural icon for Taichung.



  • Wash your face.


    Postal free design for exhibition in Matadero Madrid.

    Nature against speculation and UFO against white elephants.

  • We were in FMF.


    In Madrid several colective groups, associations and architecture offices work in new models for public spaces management, to reactivate and improve neighborhoods, buildings and non used sites.

    Festival Madrid Futuro collected every proposal about different scales with different thoughts and exposed them in Matadero Madrid.

  • Kpop City. Taiwan.

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    Digital model for Kaohsiung Maritime Cultural and Popular Music Center (KPOP) competition in Taiwan.

    The project will be finished in 2015.