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    Cinema Plaza

    An Animation Center for Seoul
    A Urban Park for the neighborhood
    A Cinema for the visitors

    The new Seoul Animation Center for Seoul is designed to be a big blank canvas for outdoor animation movie projections.
    The façade has a textile skin where to project movies so the users of the building can start their visit watching the animation of the moment.

    The Playground zone is at the same time a cinema and a big urban park that qualfies the site and gives a green plaza to the citizens.
    This playground area is located on the rooftop of the building that accommodates the Imagery Playground program requested.
    The buiding with the blank canvas is the Creative Factory and Market Convention which will be an icon for being an animation support itself.

    Inside the building, all the spaces are designed to be flexible.
    Not only the exhibition spaces but also creative spaces for work, education and office.
    Every space is designed to be a vibrant space for collaboration.

    The patios allow to include small green zones inside the building that could be small outdoor spaces for relation, relax and meeting.
    They also permit natural lighting and ventilation to improve space quality.

    LOCATION: Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
    TYPE: 2016 International Competition for Seoul Animation Centre. FOURTH PRIZE.
    TEAM: GYRA Architects + Node A
    CLIENTS: Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    TOTAL AREA: 20,825 m2.