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    History of the Future

    Adaptation of the map traces of the site to create a ‘historical footprints topography’. The space would be designed as a big historical model of the district.

    Historical heritage is found not only in architecture but also in the layout of the city. 

    The proposal is a sculpted public space that connects the underground with the ground level smoothly. The Deoksugung Underground Pedestrian Passage connects with the underground level of the site directly, allowing citizens to go through a vibrant public space on their way to the ground level.

    People are used to thinking of a city as a mix of buildings, roads, traffic… but for us, a city is the space there is between all those things. Real city life is made in public spaces, and a city needs comfortable and humane public spaces.

    LOCATION: Sejong-daero, Seoul, Korea
    TYPE: 2015 International Competition for Sejong-daero Historic Cultural Space.
    TEAM: GYRA Architects + Node A
    CLIENTS: Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    TOTAL AREA: 2.000 m2.