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    The Starfish

    The main idea is to transmit the reclamation of the tidal areas as the natural landscape of Bay of Cádiz.
    The proposal concentrates the programme in two poles to allow the creation of a huge public space in the middle. A public space focused on evoking the maritime character of the place, where the scent of the sea and the Bay’s ecosystem can be enjoyed.
    The condensed focuses of the programme ressembre two big echinoderms dragged by the tide leaving maritime remains converted into canopies. They are at the same time two big meeting points.

    LOCATION: Puerto Real, Cadiz, Spain.
    TYPE: 2008 International Competition. THIRD PRIZE
    TEAM: Gyra Architects, Francisco G. Triviño.
    CLIENTS: EPSA. Public Company of Andalusian Ground.
    TOTAL AREA: 91.146 m2.