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    Unfolded Park

    The building is a public facility for neighbours, at the same time it encloses public cultural activities.

    It is a theatre-building project; however, it is also part of the street, a green park, an urban plaza and also would be an important viewpoint over the city.

    The project is designed as part of the neighbourhood architecture for the daily use of the neighbours. It is a ‘Social Icon’.


    A ‘walkable’ building.

    The building is a pedestrian tour itself. The neighbours would be able to walk from Seongbuk-ro to Seongbuk-ro 2-gil along a public route across the building, passing through green areas, public terraces, garden slopes and city view points.


    Multifunctional theatre.

    The proposal includes the design of a theatre which would be able to accommodate a wide performance spectrum: dance, opera and all sizes of performance theatre.

    It allows a big programming schedule.


    Green architecture.

    The project is designed to be environmentally sustainable from the construction phase to its final use.

    Exposed glass façades are provided with brise soleil for sun protection.

    Green walls also isolate the façades from heat and cold.

    Each program is naturally well ventilated and illuminated so the building could be able to reduce the use of air conditioning and artificial lighting, leaving room for welcoming spaces to work and stay.


    LOCATION: Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea
    TYPE: 2017 International Competition for Creative Play Supporting Facility. SECOND PRIZE.
    TEAM: GYRA Architects + Node A
    CLIENTS: Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    TOTAL AREA: 8,076 m2.