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    The landscape on ground floor together with the elevated public connections will create a new eco-landmark in Seoul.

    The floor design is particularly careful with the treatment of several materials. The user will be able to enjoy a walk through different and attractive open air spaces where the pavement leads pedestrians and orders the different flows. 

    The design shows a kind of natural material plait where every flow and activity coexists: leisure, culture and sports.

    So many varied spaces allow the existence of 24 hour activities to transform Seunsangga into a lively part of the city.

    The existing deck of Seunsangga Complex at the third level has several gaps that need to be connected in order to achieve a continuous walkway at deck level.

    Every connection consists in a 2,5m. width meticulously designed with light structures of wood and bamboo to create a natural place where pedestrians will be able to cross every crossroad, continue their walkway along the deck and observe the city over the landscape.

    Deck connections are solved with a sensitive strategy whose main purpose is to not build Seunsangga complex even more, but to enhance the existing building and improve the public spaces over and under the deck.

    LOCATION: Seunssanga District, Seoul, Korea
    TYPE: 2015 International Competition for Re-structuring Seunsangga Citywalk.
    TEAM: GYRA Architects + Node A
    CLIENTS: Seoul Metropolitan Government.
    TOTAL AREA: 1 km long.